Qlik helps enterprises around the world move faster, work smarter, and lead the way forward with an end-to-end solution for getting value out of data. Our platform is the only one on the market that allows for open-ended, curiosity-driven exploration, giving everyone – at any skill level – the ability to make real discoveries that lead to real outcomes and transformative changes. And you get the freedom to use our cloud or any cloud you choose.

Data Integration

Enable DataOps for any analytics environment, from Qlik to Tableau, PowerBI and beyond. Our Data Integration Platform accelerates the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data by automating data streaming, refinement, cataloguing and publishing on any cloud you choose.

Data Analytics

Leverage modern, AI-driven cloud analytics that empower your entire workforce to make bigger discoveries and better decisions every day – so you can transform your business and lead in your industry.

Developer platforms

Explore the tools and resources you need to build, extend and deploy custom data-driven applications and analytics.

IoT.nxt is a global Internet of Things company offering a dynamic application enablement platform comprising of software, middleware, hardware and analytics services.


IoT.nxt continue to pioneer industrial enterprise-level applications and advanced solutions that are powered by the internet of things, digital twins, and machine learning. Their award-winning technology is geared toward driving digital transformation.

Inphinity comprises of a dedicated team of business intelligence professionals and enthusiasts, born out of the success of EMARK, a renowned name within the Qlik ecosystem. Driven by the concept of pushing the boundaries of business intelligence by offering Qlik native tools that enhance, simplify and add analytical power to a Qlik environment. In partnership with our customers, and growing partner network we strive to deliver data excellence through innovative solutions.

Inphinity Mole

Make your unstructured data ready for analysis in the blink of an eye.

Inphinity Flow

Visualise, Explore and Understand your Processes in Qlik Sense. 

Inphinity Forms

Enhance your Qlik Sense environment with a natively integrated writeback extension.

Inphinity BI Hub

Step into the world of ready-to-use business intelligence apps.

PlatformManager creates powerful software solutions that help companies to leverage their BI investment. Our solutions enable customers worldwide to get more value out of their Qlik and SAP Business Objects investment. The products and solutions that PlatformManager delivers benefit many organizations of different size and independent of market segmentation. 

The latest version of Platform Manager provides:

  • Automated version management including rollback functionality.
  • Track and trace every change.
  • Clear overview of dependencies.
  • Customizable workflows.
  • A solution for both Qlik Sense and QlikView.
  • Tracking changes and actions. This way you know when each change has changed, what and by whom.
  • Synchronize Qlik Sense servers.
  • Compare 2 different versions of a dashboard.
  • Visualize connections/dependencies (data lineage)
  • Available for large and small companies through the new SMB server
  • Search in the metadata of QlikView and/or Qlik Sense apps
  • Develop, customize and publish Qlik apps from Platform Manager
  • Promotion and analyzes; seamlessly integrated into Qlik’s Change Process

“Data will talk if you’re willing to listen to it.”

– Jim Bergeson.

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