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Established in 2000, RIC delivers Qlik solutions, specialist consulting and software support services across a broad- spectrum of industries. For more than two decades, the RIC team has helped customers tell the stories that live in their data. As a wholly client-centric organisation, we understand that every client is unique, with distinctive needs. 

We take great care to ensure that we understand not only those needs, but the specific micro- and macro-environmental factors that affect each induvial business too. With this approach, an appropriate solution can be proposed and implemented. As we guide each client through the learning and acceptance process, our Qlik experts provide on-going maintenance and support. Understanding the speed of innovation, RIC solutions are customised and tailored as required and are adapted as each company evolves.




The RIC values dovetail with Qlik’s global approach to business. We drive every member of our team to be clever and client centric while embracing ethics and showing loyalty at every interaction.


We will deliver our model with values to achieve our vision of growth, security, excellence and mutual benefits, to both our internal and external clientele


With a passion for data, we understand the role it plays in changing the world. We encourage our staff to participate in community programmes, while building a company that values best practice methodologies and is strengthened through learning. Our people are agile, flexible, and eager to provide customers with instant results that are evaluated and tested as the project evolves.

The RIC ethos is to approach every project as a unique endeavour, designing solutions that are appropriate, effective, and adaptable as the client’s business grows. With a focus on results, our team knows that the realisation of benefits is an integral part of the project lifecycle.

Clever – Clever people, using clever solutions and partnership to delight clever customers

Client Centric – Creating positive experiences for clients by maximising efficiency and services with quality product offerings, while building reliable relationships

Ethics – Acting with integrity and honesty to ensure clients and partners enjoy our principled approach to honesty and transparency

Loyal – Supporting RIC’s people, clients, and solutions with the utmost loyalty and consistency

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About Qlik

Qlik is on a mission to create a data-literate world, where everyone can use data to solve their most challenging problems. Only Qlik’s end-to-end data management and analytics platform brings together all of an organization’s data from any source, enabling people at any skill level to use their curiosity to uncover new insights. Companies use Qlik to see more deeply into customer behavior, reinvent business processes, discover new revenue streams, and balance risk and reward.

Our Customer Stories


Fidelity ADT Improves Operations & Fights Crime More Effectively with Qlik

“Qlik has empowered us to improve our operations, and as a result helps us fight crime more effectively. Through Qlik, we get more comprehensive business insights to manage our operations more effectively, increase our productivity, assist in making the right decisions for our business, further streamline our procurement process and improve our overall financial management in the business”
– Jeanine Mouton, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Fidelity ADT


Support Agreement Case Study

With a dedication to helping you find The Definitive Answer, RIC Consulting accelerates business value through data. As a recognised leader in Business Intelligence in South Africa offering cutting-edge Qlik solutions and support, the Really Intelligent Solution.

RIC Consulting and software support services across a broad- spectrum of industries. For more than two decades, the RIC Consulting team has helped customers tell the stories that live in their data.


Customer Testimonials

  • “It is very satisfying to work with the RIC Consulting team. The personal interaction is great, and our Consultant helps us to look at things in different ways. There is just something about that personal connection, having someone who understands your way of thinking and how you approach things, why you are doing things in a certain way. With the help of our Consultant we get better turnaround times in delivering business solutions and develop internal skills which enhances self-sufficiency.”

    – Thea Heyns-Galanakis, Business Analyst, EIE Group

  • “Having the same Qlik Consultant onsite means we are able to build a lot of momentum and traction on projects. We are not always reintroducing a new person to our business every time assistance is needed. In our experience, the RIC Consulting consultants are experts, offering real guidance and acting as valued members of our team, rather than simply being someone who can code.”

    – Ian Dury, Manager: Business Support, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa

  • “The combination of a product specialist and an experienced business analyst results in high return on investment. The team dynamic is great, and a major benefit is that the business has a highly skilled individual as a back-up who not only understands the architecture of the business but also respects the need for speed when dealing with a challenge. This is a win-win scenario.”

    – Mariana Pretorius, Consultant, GOSCOR

  • “To us, the greatest benefit of the RIC Consulting Support Agreement model is the peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong I have a back-up – not just any back-up, but one who knows how the system and our business work. Initially our consultant put in a lot of effort to understand how the system works, and the code in the background. Now we are reaping the benefits. We certainly get value for money, and I personally sleep easier at night knowing that when we need anything, at any time, our Qlik Consultant is available.”

    – Hannelize Marcus, Group Financial Accountant, OMEGA RISK SOLUTIONS

  • “With the RIC Consulting Support Agreement in place, we proactively consider improvements on a regular basis, and can tackle issues that we’d previously put on ice. Even though we have dedicated time with our Consultant, we still have the option to call RIC Consulting if we have any ad-hoc issues. From RIC Consulting, we have one of the best Qlik Consultants that I have ever worked with – and I have been involved with Qlik development for 12 years. He is experienced, professional, connected across many customers and industries – and to top it off, we’ve got a wonderful relationship.”

    – Jeanine Mouton, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, FIDELITY ADT

RIC Consulting

Qlik solutions, specialist consulting and software support services across a broad- spectrum of industries.

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