The RIC customer promise is to simplify the process for clients, be easy to work with, and ensure that the innovative solutions provided deliver rapid successes, at all levels. Are you ready to transform your entire business with data? With innovative solutions that are typically implemented in days instead of months or years, the time to value is instant.

With a strategic, function-by-function approach, we implement solutions following in-depth research and a unique Proof of Concept process, ensuring that the software is fit-for-purpose. Following stringent Qlik best practices, RIC creates design specifications, installs, develops, tests, and configures solutions according to each client’s unique needs.


Our Team of Professionals empower your people with access to BI and data analysis tools they need to make faster more informed decisions



RIC’s team of Qlik specialists partner with customers to offer “instant expertise”, ensuring they enjoy the full benefit of the platform and products they use. With our Qlik consulting services, customers are empowered to make better business decisions, leverage best practices, and enhance their return on investment.

Our consultants will help you define business critical needs, implement scalable and secure platforms to meet those needs, and accelerate both adoption and time to value.

Leveraging a partnership with RIC’s specialised, highly skilled professionals means benefiting from their experience with thousands of engagements under their belts. They’ll help you maximise the usage of advanced capabilities while ensuring that you uncover the unknown. With an engagement model that fits your needs, you’ll drive results from a repeatable approach and accelerate solutions.

Our highly specialised team has advanced technical and project management skills, ensuring that your Qlik solutions deliver what was promised… and more.



With a dedication to delivering instant assurance, the RIC team offers superior support. Our troubleshooting resources and innovative support services will help your business get the most from your Qlik experience.


RIC Support Agreement

With a unique approach to “tech-support”, RIC dedicates a Qlik Technical Consultant to each client. No more call centres, no need to re-explain what your business does every time a call is made; just efficiency, partnership, and reliability.

Your Qlik Technical Consultant will be assigned specific hours to your business every week, ensuring you know you have their undivided attention during that time. If a need arises between sessions, your Support Consultant is only a phone-call away.



Through enterprise-grade service, our After-Sales Support staff offer highly professional customer onboarding, expert guidance, and troubleshooting advice. Take advantage of proven assistance that ensures you get the most from your Qlik journey.

Learning & Development

At RIC, we’re dedicated to helping customers develop Qlik skills in-house. Our skills development support continues after the pilot project, ensuring customers establish comprehensive Qlik competency. We believe in instant empowerment, drawing on expertly designed coursework and training materials to help customers adopt Qlik products faster, advance their analytics expertise, and enhance their data literacy.

RIC Consulting

Qlik solutions, specialist consulting and software support services across a broad- spectrum of industries.

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